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List of release notes 2024.2
List of release notes 2024.2

January 22, 2024

Updated over a week ago

Over the last two weeks, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes here.

New features & improvements


  • New Avatar components now have the option to customize the icon font size.

  • New Hidden form input components now show the value selected in design-time of your page. Useful when you have many of these inputs on a page.

  • New Auto complete components do support a new component option to override the default “no options” text when the search results are found. The new option makes it possible to make the component fully multilingual (by assigning a translations key) or to make the label more informative like “No rooms available” or “No departments found”.

Actions & steps

  • HTTP step: we have updated the native HTTP step with the ability to select a schema model and choose a type for your output response. With this update, you will reduce the number of action steps needed to build a functional data source from 7-8 to max 2 steps. For more information read the documentation.

  • Create object has been added to the blockstore. Combine this step with the HTTP step when you are building your data source actions. With this additional step, you will be able to display your remote model data within a data table in the pagebuilder.

  • The Import from CSV and Export to CSV function steps from the block store are enriched with the possibility to import and export data using Excel files

  • Endpoint utility functions has been added to the blockstore. This step formats the result of an endpoint action that returns a JSON object that can be used as the output of your action

  • GQL Playground Functions has been added to the blockstore. Use this if you want to easily communicate between two apps. These steps reduce the difficulty to communicate between apps.

  • Parse Document to Text has been added to the blockstore. Effortlessly extract and convert textual information from various document formats, including docx, pptx, xlsx, odt, odp, ods, and pdf files, transforming diverse file types into an easily accessible text value.

My Betty Blocks

  • The app gallery: Share the inventory of applications built by the company to inspire new projects to be added on the roadmap, prevent making the same solution twice, and drive the adoption of applications.For more information read the dedicated product changes & documentation

  • Company users organizations and applications access can be viewed and is now displayed in a table in a tab on the company overview page.




  • The local option Dutch in combination with the use of the 24-hour-format option on the Data time picker component did not give the expected result at runtime. It was not showing the 24-hour format, instead it was showing the 12-hour format. This is fixed now.

  • The Menu item component was not showing any hover feedback while hovering over the component at runtime. We fixed the bug that was causing this error. We also fixed that the Menu component itself does not show the on click feedback in design-time of your page. This is expected behavior while designing the page.

  • The Data container “render children when data is present” option in combination with the “show on load” option set to “content” did behave as expected at runtime. It did not let the data container render its children when the query result was present, where this was expected as configured in design-time. We made a fix for this.


  • The relationship between models was sometimes displayed incorrectly on the model schema view, this has been fixed.

My Betty Blocks

  • Inviting users should no longer result in “user already exists” error for certain applications.

  • Going back with pagination in the list of applications on the company overview now shows the correct applications.

Up next


  • Public release of new Object page variables


  • This quarter, we will be working on connecting the data sources endpoints with the remote models and generate the HTTP(S) step for you. With this addition, we will simplify configuring the HTTP(S) step and reduce the time building a remote model data source action.

Actions & steps

  • AI Smart search functionality

    • This new functionality allows you to search through data with natural language rather than keyword search

    • This functionality will also be available as app template

My Betty Blocks

  • Filtering the company users based on their roles and access within the company.

  • Company admins can manage roles & permissions within the company to limit the access to only those who need it and improve the governance offering.

  • Manage share block permissions on company level so that only the members with the correct permissions can share blocks within the company or specific organizations.

  • Promote application as company template, so that templates are available to be created within all organizations of the company.

  • Application origin template is now displayed in the template overview so that impacts on this template can be communicated with users that adopted the template.


  • The education team is doing research on splitting the classic documentation from our current documentation. Keep an eye on docs for some lovely improvements the upcoming months!

  • More data processing articles on the way: how to work with batch actions.

  • The team is doing research on improving the essentials learning path, and on how to include the application lifecycle more prominently in docs.

Platform roadmap

Want to know more about the upcoming features and functionalities of the Betty Blocks platform? Visit the platform roadmap of our community where you can find most of the topics that we are currently working on and are planning to work on. Let us know your thoughts by upvoting the topics you believe are the most valuable!

That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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