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Learn about the data model

Scratching the surface of working with data models.

19 articles
What is a data model?The data required for an application is defined in its data model. Individual models use properties and relations to describe data stored.
Getting started with data modelLearn how to build the first model in your Betty Blocks application.
Working with the data model builderCreate and set models using drag and drop in the schema view (visual interface) or using the model list view (table view).
Creating new models in your data modelModels can be added from the quick menu, the model schema view and the model list.
Adding properties to a modelAdd new properties to your model, change their settings, and manage them.
Connecting your modelsFind out how to connect your models together to form the relations between them.
Working with the data model schema viewUsing the visual interface (schema view) you can create a data model. You can also view the relations and details of individual models.
Viewing relations in the schema viewView relations details for models and recognize the different types of relations in the schema view.
What are settings models?Find out how to assign a model as a settings model.
What is a relational data model?This article briefly describes relational data models and the advantages provided when you use them.
Working with the data model list viewUse the list view for displaying details about your data model in the form of a table.
Navigating through your data modelAn overview of various buttons and icons that you use when building your data model.
Types of relations for connecting modelsDescribes the different types of relations that are available for defining the connections between models
Creating a new relation in the model list overviewYou can create relations from the model list or in the schema view. How you create a relation in the model list is explained here.
Displaying validations for a modelEmploy the validations view to check the validations applied to a model..
Displaying the settings information for a modelDisplay settings information for models via the settings tab.
Displaying the properties for a modelModels consist of individual properties. You can display the contents of a model in the properties list.
Applying relations between modelsApply relations between models (or a self-referencing relation) using drag and drop in the schema view.
Relation typesExplore the concepts of relation types and their role in linking (data) models.