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Displaying the settings information for a model
Displaying the settings information for a model

Display settings information for models via the settings tab.

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You can edit the settings for a model in the settings tab. You can, for example, add a description that provides additional background details about the model.

Use the information provided for each of the fields such as model name and description to guide you on the purpose of the field, and where relevant, how to use individual settings.

What is a settings model

Where you are working in a sandbox environment, you can indicate whether or not model records are overwritten. When the button for setting model (A) is on, the model is treated as part of your applications settings. This ensures a consistent environment across all stages of your application from development to production.

The records for a settings model are overwritten to all sandbox(es) when merging environments. Applying this setting indicates that the model contains fixed information, for example, for countries or languages.

Note: Sandboxes are copies of an application in which you can apply changes and test features before moving (merging) with your live application.

To apply changes, you need to press Save (B) before you close the window.

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