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List of release notes 2024.12
List of release notes 2024.12

June 10, 2024

Updated over a week ago

Over the last two weeks, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes here.


Improvements & fixes

Autocomplete component

The Autocomplete component in the Betty Blocks default component set has been enhanced to address an issue with the selection and deletion of options. Previously, when a user manually deleted a selected option from the autocomplete component at runtime, the expected behavior was to display all available options again. Instead, the component only displayed the previously selected option. This issue has now been resolved. This improvement is included in the latest version of the autocomplete component within the default Betty Blocks component set. Existing autocomplete components already in use on pages will not automatically receive this update.

Enhanced reliability of the delete component operation

We have improved the reliability of the delete component operation to ensure a higher success rate when removing existing components from pages. Our logs indicated that, under certain circumstances, the delete component operation could fail due to a constraint issue. This issue has now been resolved. Users do not need to take any additional steps to benefit from this.

Adding options to wrapper components

The Wrapper component has been enhanced to address an issue with displaying the correct wrapper name when adding options to it. Wrappers are used to group multiple components, simplifying their configuration. One of the features of the wrapper component is adding options from grouped components to the wrapper itself. Previously, when adding options immediately after placing a wrapper on the page, the wrapper's name was incorrectly displayed as ‘undefined’. This issue has now been resolved. Users do not need to take any additional steps to benefit from this.

Variables inside partials

We have updated the partials variables tab inside partials to prevent errors related to unsupported partial variables yet. Previously, the user interface allowed the creation of partial variables, which is not currently supported yet. Attempting to save these variables resulted in an error. The interface now prevents the creation of variables, eliminating errors when saving. Users do not need to take any additional steps to benefit from this. This update does not affect the usage of partial input variables.

Page settings error while loading the page

The page settings tab has been enhanced to address an issue that occurred when opening page settings while the actual page was still loading in design time. Previously, an error message was displayed if users attempted to access the page settings before the page had fully loaded. This issue has now been resolved. The page settings will now properly enter a loading state along with the page itself, preventing error messages and ensuring a smoother experience. Users do not need to take any additional steps to benefit from this improvement.

Up next

Commitment to Quality Improvement

Value: As a leading platform vendor, we prioritize delivering a high-quality product. To ensure this, we continuously monitor our defined quality key performance indicators (KPIs). Recently, some KPIs for the page builder have shown a trend that falls short of our targets. We are actively addressing this.

Impact: Users do not need to take any additional steps to benefit from these improvements.

Page variables in the display logic option

​Value: As a business technologist, I want to use page variables inside the filter rules (left and right-hand side) of the display logic option, to create a show or hide conditional logic based on application data provided via variables instead of data components.

Advantages of using page variables over data containers inside display logic:

  • Simplified conditional UI development: Page variables are accessible everywhere on the page, which streamlines the process of creating conditional UI development.

  • Page variable request information properties: The addition and availability of Is loading, Is success, and Is error request information items simplifies the configuration of the conditional logic and saves time.

Impact: Users do not need to take any additional steps to benefit from these improvements.

​​Timeframe: Public release at the end of June 2024

Unified component styling

Value: As a business technologist, I want to have a unified component styling feature, so that I can style my components exactly to my needs.

  • You can easily add any CSS property to a Betty Blocks default component (both key and value). Styling states of the component (like on hover) is not possible yet.

  • You can save a group of CSS properties as a 'style' and you can apply this 'style' to multiple components.

  • As a low-code developer, you can add unified component styling as a feature to a custom-developed component as well.

Impact: When this feature is released, new components dragged on the page will have this feature enabled by default. As a user, you don't have to do anything in addition. In the component options sidebar, a new tab will appear named 'styles'. This will only be the case of components present in the Betty Block default component set. Not for custom-developed components.

Components present on a page before this feature has been released, need to be updated. You can do this by selecting the existing component. For these components, the new 'styles' tab will also be available in the option sidebar. When opening this tab, you will see an update button is present. When you have used this button, you can use the component styling feature. This update button will only be available to components used from the default Betty Blocks component set.

​​Timeframe: Within the upcoming 2 weeks.


Improvements & fixes

Application logging page: Ability copy and to view long logs

Value: A builder was not able to copy logs and view logs that had for example 600 lines of JSON. This caused a lot of frustration while debugging the action. Now, the builder is able to copy the logs when needed and the log is now shown in its entirety.

Impact: Builders don't need to take extra steps to be able to copy a log or see the entire log.

Up next

​Use of nested schema models in Actions

Value: As a business technologist, I can use nested schema model properties in the output of an action step.

Impact: Instead of a text output at the end of your action, you will now be able to select a schema model and its nested properties if available. Enabling less advanced configuration for business technologists.

Timeframe: End of June

My Betty Blocks

New features

Manage block owners

Value: Company members with the manage block developer permission, are able to add & remove developers of a block so that the block can be maintained by these members and/or replace developers no longer working at the company.

Impact: The permission can be found under the company permissions in the toolkit category. Managing the block developers can be done via the block store when editing a block.

Block verification

Value: Company members with the verify a block permission, can set a block to verify so that they can communicate these blocks have followed the internal governance process and are safe to be used by its business technologists.

Impact: The permission can be found under the company permissions in the toolkit category. Company members with permission will see a verify block button in the sidebar of the block details.

Organization permissions

Value: Organization admins can manage new permissions for the roles within their organization so that they don't have to give the admin role giving those users too much access.

Impact: The following organization permissions have been added to the roles and permissions view of an organization:

  • View all applications of the organization

  • Delete sandboxes (and branches)

Contract limit

Value: Company members with the 'manage view contract-details' permissions, will be able to view a banner notifying they have exceeded their contract limits so that they can prepare for any extra costs or review their usage.

Impact: Visible in the company overview when having the right permissions.

Improvements & fixes

Remove pending user

Users that have a pending invite can now successfully be removed again within the organization and application user management.

Merge changes description

Filling in the merge description now accepts multiple lines so that more details can be added, the merge description becomes available in the modal before merging changes.

Authentication profile property selection

Username & Password properties can now be selected outside of the initial 50 properties range, when managing authentication profiles of the kind: username / password.

Reset password with 2FA

Reset password flow now works again while 2FA is enabled, so that a password can be recovered.

Remote model in authentication profile

The selection of remote models in authentication profiles is no longer possible to prevent configurations that won’t result in a working authentication profile.

Up next

Login provider

Value: When creating new applications our classic environment will have our new login provider enabled by default so that we can provide a more secure and performing login.

Impact: Users that log in to the back office and web blocks when using internal Betty Blocks authentication will see an updated design when logging for newly created applications.

Timeframe: Newly created applications will have this in the upcoming 2 weeks. We will migrate existing applications to this new login provider in the future, more information about this will follow.

Storage usage

Value: Company members with the view company overview permission will be able to view the storage usage per application and total accumulated storage within the company so that they can prepare for any extra costs or review their usage.

Impact: The information will be added to the global information and within the applications table within the company overview.

Timeframe: Expected within the upcoming 2 weeks.


New features

Component learn documents

Value: assist new users in getting a better understanding of our components, steps, and models, we are creating documentation on all individual ‘sub-blocks’.

These can be found on our docs environment or via the following links:

New articles based on recent releases from our product teams:

Up next

Action step learn documents

Value: As a business technologist, I want to know how to use each building block to unlock the full potential of the Betty Blocks platform when building applications.

The education team will continue to work on covering components, steps, and models. We estimate to finalize the component documents and start working on documents that describe the native action steps that our platform provides.

Essential path v3

Value: As a business technologist, I can learn the latest business technologist essentials by following a video learning path.

The new essential path will be recorded in the upcoming weeks after we will edit them and release them in our learning environment.


Value: As a trainee, I can take theoretical tests to confirm the knowledge I have gained while following the Betty Blocks documentation and learning courses.

We are working on researching an environment in which users following our learning paths, can take tests to check their skill level and improve knowledge retention of the courses they are following.

Platform roadmap

Want to know more about the upcoming features and functionalities of the Betty Blocks platform? Visit the platform roadmap of our community where you can find most of the topics that we are currently working on and are planning to work on. Let us know your thoughts by upvoting the topics you believe are the most valuable!

That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what

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