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List of release notes 2024.6
List of release notes 2024.6

March 20, 2024

Updated over a week ago

Over the last two weeks, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes here.

New features & improvements


  • We enhanced the ordering of page variable settings in the modal that appears on create and update of a variable. Now the model selector comes first and the name field as second, which allows us to pre-fill the name field with the name of the chosen model for you. This makes your life a bit easier here.

  • Page variable data can now be used as default values inside the following components: Select, Autocomplete, Radio, Checkbox group, and Multi-autocomplete inputs.


  • We improved the developers experience within the Data IDE:

    • When you create a new model, the selected model type is based on the overview you're at at that moment. So when you're currently on the remote model overview and want to add a new model, the remote model type will be selected.

    • When you are in a model, the back button redirects you to the correct overview. So again, when you're in the detail view of a remote model and click the back button, you will be redirected to the remote model overview.

My Betty Blocks

  • Create application: Start from scratch now comes with management for users and roles to simplify the first building experience.

  • Exporting company data from the company overview now includes registered Betty Blocks users and their access within the organizations and applications.

  • Application templates can now be shared within the company and made available for all organizations associated with the company.

  • Permissions are now displayed in categories on company and organization level.

  • The following organization permissions have been added to improve the access management:

    • Promote application to template

    • Remove organization user

    • Invite users to application

    • Change application user roles

    • Remove application user




  • Components. Rich text editor inputs that were fetching their default value from a page variable did not work as expected. The component did not resolve the default value as a result it was left empty. This is fixed now.

  • Page variables. The page variable filter option did not have a shadow box surrounding the entire filter. This is fixed now.

  • Page variables. In the page variable filter option, the buttons for the AND / OR filter statements were cut off in the user interface. This is fixed now.


  • The case sensitivity bug that appeared on the private clouds when you are searching for models in the Data IDE is now solved.

My Betty Blocks

  • Updating your password via the My Betty Blocks profile page now correctly syncs this with the Internal Betty Blocks authentication login.


Up next


  • In the next two weeks, we will release:

    • Using page variables in the multi-rule display logic component option.

    • Using component-state in the multi-rule display logic component option.

    • Implementing a fix when search through page variable model properties where the model has more than 50 items (this has unexpected behavior currently).


  • Expected in this quarter:

    • Next up, we will work on supporting nesting in schema models. With it, you no long need to adjust your Swagger file to make use of nested schema models.

My Betty Blocks

  • Expected in the next two weeks:

    • Permissions are added for moving an application between organizations.

    • Permissions are added for managing specific organization and application settings.

  • Expected in the next six weeks:

    • User Provisioning, ensures user accounts are created, given proper company and organization permissions and updated when logging in via SSO.


  • Provide an overview article of the business technologist role, enabling users in their business technologist journey

  • Enable users by providing articles about native building blocks, allowing them to skim through the article and acquire general knowledge in their learning journey

  • Research in-platform helpers, assisting users with information or tooltips while navigating the platform instead of having to venture out of the platform for information.

Platform roadmap

Want to know more about the upcoming features and functionalities of the Betty Blocks platform? Visit the platform roadmap of our community where you can find most of the topics that we are currently working on and are planning to work on. Let us know your thoughts by upvoting the topics you believe are the most valuable!

That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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