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Application development lifecycle
Application development lifecycle

The SDLC in step-by-step concept guides

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What is SDLC?The software development lifecycle as a key approach to building a successful application.
Guide to the application-building processSet of practical solutions for a step-by-step application building on the Betty Blocks platform.

Employ usability testing strategies, such as end-to-end testing and user testing, to ensure a seamless user experience, alongside comprehensive stability and security testing methodologies, including load testing, penetration testing, and regression testing.

Introduction to testingA brief introduction to testing within the SDLC series of documents.
Usability testing strategiesOverview of user-based testing ideas to proceed with before going live with your application.
Testing application: stability and securityConduct load, penetration, and regression testing to ensure your application is tested for stability and security issues.
Custom domain setup

Custom domain setup involves configuring and integrating a personalized domain for your application, along with setting up SMTP for efficient email communication.

Custom domain setupFind ways to set up your own custom domain and configure SMTP for sending emails from your domain.
Post-live support and user communication

Best practices for launching the application, navigating the hypercare phase, measuring adoption through key performance indicators (KPIs), and establishing effective channels to communicate with users and process valuable user feedback.

Introduction to post-go-live support and user communicationExplore helpful practices to proceed with after going live with your application.
Post-go-live supportBest practices after launching your application: hypercare phase, measuring product adoption, KPI measuring tools and more.
User communication and feedbackRecommendations on how to approach communication with your end-users and gathering feedback.