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Saving and sharing a theme block

Create a new theme block and share it via the block store.

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After reading this article you’ll know how to:

  • Create a new theme block

  • Share it via the block store

  • Manage a theme block’s permissions

This article explains how to create a new custom theme in the theme builder section and then save and share it via the block store. By learning to handle this feature, you will be able to experience an easy and fast way of obtaining reusable color schemes, fonts, icon sizing, and other personalizable items of the theme builder in your application. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to share themes with other developers from different organizations.

Saving a new theme block

Let’s say you’ve customized the theme of your application to your liking and now you want to save it to reuse later in other projects. To do this, you need to find and press the ‘Save as Theme Block’ button in the top right corner of the theme builder.

Come up with a name, theme name, and description for your block in a new modal window. Then press ‘Save as block’.

From now on you’ll be able to see this newly created block in the block store. Open the block store from the builder bar on the left (1). The ‘Public Blocks’ will be opened by default, click the dropdown (2) and select ‘My Blocks’ (3) and you will be navigated to the overview where you can manage your custom blocks.

Managing the block

Open the ‘Dev blocks’ tab where you will be able to find recently created blocks. Click on the block itself to view the details, edit it, or release it to a defined target audience.

Take a look at the detail page of our newly created Corporate Theme Block. In the menu on the left, you’ll find some buttons that enable you to release the block’s content and set the visibility for who may see and delete it.

Just as an example, let’s make our theme block available for every platform user within our organization. Click the ‘Visibility’ button and the new update form will open. Here we will choose the option ‘Owners and organizations’ and below it type in a name of an organization for which users you want to enable access to this theme block.

The last thing to do in order to turn this block live and running is to release it. Press the ‘Release’ button from the detail view. From now on, all the members of our organization will be able to install this block in their applications.

If you want to find out more about installing blocks (including the theme blocks) and setting them up in your application, it’s recommended to read through this article. Have fun!

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