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  • How to create a webservice that posts XML

XML can be used to transfer data between applications.

Setting up the webservice

Open the webservices view using the tools menu.

Create and setup the webservice with at least the following information:

  • Name: The name of the webservice
  • Protocol: Is the receiving end using HTTP or HTTPS?
  • Host: The domain that the webservice will use in the request

Setting up the endpoint

Add an endpoint to the webservice. (Top right subview). Insert at least:

  • Name: The name of the endpoint / path
  • Http method: What kind of request is used in the webservice
  • Path: The path of the webservice. (
  • Template: Select new for an empty template, or select an existing SOAP template.

Setting up the XML body

The XML will be placed in the template of the endpoint. Give a small description, place the XML and hit save. Learn about creating variable XML data here.

Testing the webservice

You can test your request by clicking Run test on your endpoint. It will show you what is being sent and what the response of the called webservice is.

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