After you have seen this HowTo video and read this article you will know how nested objects are fetched from JSON responses.

  1. Go to Tools on the builder menu left and click on 'Webservices'. In this HowTo we are using an existing web service definition.
  2. Create a new endpoint to the web service to fetch a single user object.
  3. Define all endpoint settings as Name, Http method, Path, etc.
  4. Save the endpoint.
  5. Run test to make a request and to get a response.
  6. Generate to response into a custom model definition.
  7. Go to Actions on the builder menu left.
  8. Create a new action to fetch the nested objects and to assign to your data model.
  9. Create a new Http request action event.
  10. Select the web service and endpoint to complete the request.
  11. Give the requested object a variable name 'As'. Please remind that the request returns a single object (User) with nested objects (Adress, Geo, and Company).
  12. Assign the fetched object to your data model by adding create events to the action.
  13. Assign all the properties of the model to the attributes from the custom model.
  14. All create events made and all properties from the custom model assigned to the properties in the data model? Then run the action manually.
  15. Turn back to your back office and check if the user object with its nested objects are fetched and assigned.
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