After reading this article you will know:

  • What templates are
  • What endpoints are
  • What partials are


Templates contain markup for creating multiple types of output files. They are filled with layouts which makes the output look the way it does. Check out more about templates here.


Endpoints contain all information needed to interact with an url. An endpoint can have a template and an action. Templates are used to define the html of the endpoint and the action can be used to process data. You can create as many endpoints as you want and set the path of these endpoints. You can enable authentication on endpoints for making private pages/actions.


Partials are pieces of code, mostly HTML, that can be placed in templates by adding a single line of code. You can quickly build pages by using multiple partials. Partials can be found under the templates tab. A partial is a template which can be reused in other templates. This may come in handy if you've got recurring pieces on your pages, a menu of sidebar for instance. You can add a partial by including it with the following code:

{% include 'Partialname' %}
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