The following tutorial shows you how to create a new webpage.

HowTo create a web page?

Open up the Web section of the application and click NEW on the top left of the screen.

1. WYSIWYG or custom?

The first step before creating a new webpage is deciding how you are going to build the page. You can choose from a couple of templates from the getting started section to use in the wysiwyg editor or an empty html editor.

2.1 WYSIWYG editor

WYSIWYG webpages are useful when you want to quickly design the outlines of a webpage. You get a basic template and a menu full off content you can drag and drop into the page.

After setting a path and adding a description we will be taken to the WYSIWYG editor.

2.2 Custom webpage

Custom webpages are useful when you have knowledge of HTML and CSS. You get an empty page which you can build up as you desire with own code.

When creating a custom html page you have to choose which request method will be used to retrieve the page.

After setting a path, method and adding a description we will be taken to the new endpoint. We can view our current endpoint by clicking the url. To change the content we can open the template.

The template holds the content as HTML and can use a layout in which you can specify which files/code the endpoint should load in. 

After saving the template the changes are directly visible on our endpoint.

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