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UI Builder

What is it?

The UI Builder is a 'What you see is what you get editor' (WYSIWYG for short, pronounce as 'wizziewig'). The name says it all. You can create a user interface by drag and dropping elements on the page.There are 5 categories you can choose elements from when using the editor. Below are the descriptions for these categories:


This contains content elements for the page. Elements like images, buttons and labels.


This contains form elements for the page. Elements like checkboxes, dropdowns and input fields.


This contains layout elements for the page. Elements like grids and tables.


This contains list elements for the page. These elements use collections to display tables on your page.


This contains navbar elements for the page. The elements range from a single button to a fullsize navbar.

Object Tree

The editor has an object tree which shows the layers of the page in a simple to read tree so that you can view what layers an object has.


The settings page has multiple features devided by 5 options:

Page settings

Regular webpage settings like path, description and variables.

Layout settings

Lets you select the layout template you want to use.

Save component

Lets you save the current page as a component for later use in other webpages. Is simular to the partials system in the custom HTML environment.

Stop WYSIWYG mode

Saves the current page and returns to the custom HTML environment.  Watch out! This cannot be undone!

Delete page

Deletes the endpoint.

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