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Working with page-building features

16 articles
Getting started with page builderStart building your application interface by creating a new page through the pages menu.
Pages quick menuNavigating to the pages module and using the quick menu is explained.
Creating a new pageFirst steps to creating a new page via the page builder.
Page builder component sectionA list of components the default component set offers to the builders.
Working with a navigation barApply a logo and adjust the styling of your navigation bar, turn this bar into a partial or component to enable its reusability.
Working with the component treeUse the component tree to navigate to specific elements on your page. You can also access the options menu or rename the component.
Viewing and compiling your first pageLearn how to view the compiled version of pages in your application.
Pages menu overviewDesign and create the user interface for an application using the extensive set of building blocks provided in the pages menu.
What are component interactions?Use predefined functions for creating interactions in your application.
Adding data to your applicationThis article contains an example of how you can display data using a data component in the page builder.
Using the wrapper componentFind out how to install and configure the wrapper component in this article.
Page security (for a specific role)Explore the methods of securing your pages and specific components.
Creating and using partialsTurning components into partials to be able to reuse them on different pages in your application.
Page variables versus data containersUnderstand the advantages of using page variables over data containers in reducing server queries, enabling easier data display, etc.
Navigating between componentsDiscover the components' navigation and hierarchy.
Unified component stylesAdd custom styles to the components in Pages.