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Learn about My Betty Blocks
Learn about My Betty Blocks

Manage your app settings: accounts, profile details, sandboxes and more.

18 articles
Working with application settingsAdjust the settings for your application via the settings tab at the application level.
Managing organization rolesManage your roles and permissions on an organizational level.
Production application checklistFollow the application checklist before going live and create your roll-up plan.
Using the monitoring toolUse our monitoring tool to quickly check what the status is of the use of your application's resources.
Application types & statusesThis article clarifies the types and statuses your Betty Blocks applications may have.
Role-based application accessApplication development roles, their capabilities, and level of access.
Company overviewIn this detailed overview, you can see a lot of statistics about your company, its organizations, and their application.
Applying and updating mail management configuration (via SMTP)This article briefly explains regulatory (GDPR) data storage guidelines and how to set up mail configuration using, for example, SMTP.
Adding users to your applicationFind out how to add new users to your application.
Creating a sandboxDiscover how to create and use a sandbox in Betty Blocks.
Using sandboxesYou can use sandboxes for applying a phased approach for software testing and deployment (DTAP).
Changing the front end to your own custom domain (with SSL certificate)Сhange the front end of your application to your custom domain domain by using SSL.
Application galleryFormulate your application ideas and concepts by adding them to the Betty Blocks application gallery.
Changing profile details in account settingsUsing the account settings, you can edit your profile details and apply an image for your account and also set up two-factor authentication.
Using application status in the application development cycleFind out how the application status feature provides access rights from development to go live while also supporting IT governance.
Sandboxes explainedA sandbox is a copy of your application in which you can make changes without making these changes directly in your live application.
Permissions and block visibilityA simple use case explaining how to work with permissions and sharing blocks on company, organization and public levels.
User provisioningConnecting personnel systems with your application environment.