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Next-gen actions
Next-gen actions

Find out how to create logical workflows in your application.

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Expression step referencegetting the most out of your data calculations
Log message stepBest practices for using the log message step when debugging the application’s action flow.
Condition stepSet conditions with filters for your action flow.
Send e-mail via SMTP stepLearn how to use the send e-mail via SMTP function to send e-mails in your Betty Blocks application
PDF-generator stepThis article explains how to generate a PDF file in your application using the block store's ‘Generate PDF’ action step.
(Re)assign text variable stepAssign a new or different value to a text variable.
HTTP(S) action stepWant to use some data from a place that isn't your own application, the HTTP(S) step has you covered.
Document generation stepLearn how to generate Word documents with a template that uses data from your data model.
Sub-action stepFind out how to install the sub-action step and how to use it, and why you should use it.
Applying the '{JSON} placeholder' data source & action stepsNeed some dummy data for your application? JSON placeholder makes displaying dummy data in your application a breeze.
Generate random hex stepLearn what a random hex is and how you can use this functionality in your applications.
Date/time offset stepWant to adjust a date or a time by a year, a month, or maybe just a few minutes, in this article you'll learn how to use this custom step.
Generate UUID stepHow and why you should use this custom step from the block store.
Update many records stepA use case overview of the update many records step to discover its functionality within a platform.
Transform text stepNeed some text to be lowercased, capitalized, or anything similar to this? The transform text step has you covered.
Raise error stepIn your action flow you might want to stop and the action and raise an error to inform the user, this step has you covered.
Using the mass mutate step: insertCreating multiple records 1-by-1 can take up some time, with the bulk insert you can create them all in one go.
XML to JSON stepRecode XML to JSON format using a special action step from the block store.