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  • What the differences are between the two modules

An application has two modules: back office and web. Every application uses the back office module, but not always the web module. When do I use both? It depends on the  type of application you need.

What are the differences?

It is all about the amount of freedom in user interface and functionality. The back office module is the part of the application where you can administer your data. It has functionality and a user interface which we have already designed and built largely for you. This is a major advantage to speed up development because you don’t have to think about the user interface that much anymore. Instead, you can focus on the application’s data and behavior.

What about the web module? As told, the web module is always used together with the back office module, but a back office not always with the web module.

When do I use the web module? This module enables you the utmost freedom of creating user interfaces that 100% fit your own needs instead of our pre-designed back office. How? By creating different (web) pages. This can be done by custom HTML or using our intuitive WYSIWYG editor to complete the pages. Insert your own stylesheets and favorite JavaScript frameworks to work with. Use our template language 'Liquid' to render data from the back office module on your pages. Using Liquid gives you the opportunity for creating dynamic content on your pages.

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