Application users are added to multiple applications through the My Betty Blocks environment. This is the place for your User Management. As an organization member with admin rights, you can add new users to applications. Make sure new users have the right roles to do their job.

The User model

Every application contains the model User. It’s one of the two models that set by default. The application stores all application users in this model.

Also your application automatically gives permission values on the User model for each business role there is. This business role-structure is created in Roles in the user bar. As you can see in the image above, none of the existing application roles is allowed to ‘create’ new users from the back office. I hear you thinking, why not? We did this on purpose, because we created the My Betty Blocks environment for you to control your user management. In this environment, you can create organization members, applications and application users.

User Management

What you look at in the image above is the User Management place in My Betty Blocks. I’ve selected my Learn application as an example. To add a new user to this application, you have to select the add new user button on top. Hit that button and complete the user settings and send the invitation. The user will now receive an invitation email with a link ‘Accept invitation’. Next step depends on whether the new user already has an account or not.

New users without an account

Welcome aboard! The link in the invitation email will redirect the new user to a form for creating an account. After the new user has successfully completed an account, it redirects him or her to the invited application. New users who already have an account are directly linked to the application or maybe have to login first with their existing credentials.

Users become member, but members not always a user

Application users always become an organization member, but an organization member is not always an application user. Sounds a bit strange but that is precisely what happened. New application users always appear as organization members in the organization navigation.

Which members can add new users?

You can label organization members as ‘Admin’ so they are able to create new application users. Members without admin rights do not have access to create new application users. Go to the organization navigation in My Betty Blocks and the member who you would add admin rights to. Click on the star icon at the user’s name on the right. Your member is now admin.

Warning, no roles/rights explained

After new application users have just accepted the invitation, this warning probably appear in their browser when trying to enter the application: it seems you don’t have any roles/right for this application. No worries! It looks like your onboarding went well, but your user is not connected yet to the role-based structure in the application. Your application manager/owner has to do that. How? Very easy. Go to the back office module and look for the section ‘Settings’ in the user bar on the left (next to the builder bar for developers). The section Settings holds two views: roles and users. Both related to the models role and user. In the view Users your application owner can select the new user’s record, like I did below with my record. Give the new user the roles - and rights - that it needs to do the job. When ready, click save and please let the new user refresh his web page. Your new user is now ready to take off.

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