The following tutorial links a Gmail account to a Betty Blocks app. The baselines of the instructions can be applied for linking other mail clients. 

What is a mailbox?

The mailbox inside a Betty Blocks application collects incoming mail from one of your mail accounts. After create actions can be applied to process new emails.

How to setup a mailbox

Firstly, head over to the configurations tab in the settings in the builder bar as shown in the picture above then follow the following 4 steps to integrate your mailbox in your Betty Blocks application.

1. Configuration

Create a new configuration. Select mailbox and connect your mailbox. Gmail uses, port 993 and has ssl enabled. If you want to use Gmail you need to enable IMAP access in gmail settings.

Seeing the following error message?

Check your inbox for the follow email and click the link allowing access to less secure apps.

2. Create Email model

Create an email message property and a multifile property to store the attachements. The mail message property hold the following information of an email: subject, date, from, from_full{ email, name}, to, to_full{email, name}, cc, cc_full, bcc, bcc_full, text_part, html_part, attachments, in_reply_to, message_id, visible_text, statistics. Create a few text properties that can save the information that you want to access from the email. (like subject, content and from_email.)

3. Create Action

Create an before validation model action. Make an assign action which assigns all values of the email to the right properties. You can get the data out of the mail message property by creating a text variable like:


(subject, date, from, from_full{ email, name}, to, to_full{email, name}, cc, cc_full, bcc, bcc_full, text_part, html_part, attachements, in_reply_to, message_id, visible_text, statistics)

4. Create Mailbox and Scenario

Create a mailbox and select the configuration made in step 1. Add a scenario in which you select the created mail message property and the created action.

5. Troubleshooting

If you run into any trouble with your mailbox integration with Gmail, you got one of the following two problems most of the time.

1.  Gmail can see Betty Blocks as an 'less-secure app'. In order to accept your Betty Blocks app you should accept less-secure apps via

2.  In Gmail you'll have to enable the IMAP or POP3 access, otherwise Betty Blocks won't get access to you mail. In Gmail you can do this by going to settings, opening the'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' -tab.

Easy as that! These were the basics of a mailbox-integration. Are you missing something? Hit us up through the chat logo at the bottom right of your screen!

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