You can view changes that have been applied to the structure and framework of your application in the Changes. These are also called Meta changes.

You can access the Changes view by:

  • Opening the Tools (A) menu from the Builder Bar and select Changes (B).

  • Clicking the Open in previous environment (C) button.

    Note: You may need to enter your login credentials when you access the previous version of the platform.

A grid detailing the Meta Changes to the application is detailed.

When (A)

This is the timestamp of the moment on which the change was made.

Use the sort button to list in ascending or descending order.

Merged at

Note: Where you are working in, for example, the live application.

This is the timestamp of the moment on which the change was merged from the sandbox application into the current application.

User (B)

This details which user made the change to the application.

Action (C)

This is the C(R)UD-based definition of the change. This is either Create, Update or Delete. Read is not relevant for changes made to the application.

Type (D)

This is the application part type that has been changed. This can be:

  • template

  • model

  • variable

  • model_action

  • model_action_event

  • endpoint

  • view_column

  • property

  • view_reference construct_attribute_definition endpoint_group

  • authentication_profiles

  • component

Path (E)

Details regarding the path or key details of the change.

Data (F)

Details regarding the data that was, for example, updated or created as part of the change.

You can click on a record (A) to open the details (B) as shown in the example below:

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