By pressing a combination of keys, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input devices. To use a keyboard shortcut, hold down one or more modifier keys. Please notice, that in the overview you will see this ⌘ icon. This icon indicates that Mac OS users should use the ⌘ -key (Command/cmd). 

You can access this information in Betty Blocks by pressing ⌘ + /  or Ctrl + /.


Close active pane: Esc
Activate panel on the left: Alt + ←
Activate panel on the right: Alt + →
Search for any object in your app: ⌘ + k or Ctrl + k
Show/hide keyboard shortcuts: ⌘ +  / or Ctrl + /
Open sandbox manager: ⌘ + .
Open app switcher: ⌘ + ;


Close active pane: Esc
Select next group:
Select previous group:
Select next record:
Select previous record:
Open group in sidebar: Alt + →
Close group in sidebar: Alt + ←
Select next group in sidebar: Alt + ↓
Select previous group in sidebar: Alt + ↑
Toggle web pages sidebar: T
Edit group options: E
Select: X
Select current record: Enter
Open filters: F
Add new record: N
Add new group: G
Refresh: R
Filter grid: S


Toggle fullscreen option on HTML editor: Ctrl + Enter
Close active pane: Esc
Switch from show to edit mode in a form: Enter
Toggle fullscreen option on action diagram: Ctrl + Enter
Refresh: R
Save record: Ctrl + S or Enter or Shift + Enter
Save record while typing in component: Ctrl + S or ⌘ + Enter

Hide popup: Esc
Save record and hide popup: Enter

Template overview

Navigate to next category: Tab
Navigate to previous category: Shift + Tab
Navigate to next template: or
Navigate to previous template: or
Select template: Enter


Clear log: C

Apps list open

Close organizations list: Esc

App switcher search results

Back to overview: Esc

Current app

Back to overview: Esc

Public files

Navigate to next image: or or or
Select and preview image: Enter

Preview screen

Select image and close: Enter

Grid image browser

Select next record:
Select previous record:
Select and preview image: Enter

UI Config

Navigate to arguments tab: Ctrl + 1
Navigate to code tab: Ctrl + 2
Navigate to settings tab: Ctrl + 3
Save UI Config: Ctrl + S
Close UI Config: Esc

Model browser

Select property and close window: Enter
Next property:
Previous property:
Select property:
Unselect property:
Hide popup: Esc

New page wizard

Select next item: or
Select previous item: or
Select next category: Tab
Select previous category: Shift + Tab
To the next step: Enter
To previous step: Shift + Backspace
Close wizard: Esc

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