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Sections are grouped views in your back office. You can see them as collections of views. You can group different grids, dashboards or pages into one section.


Most views are related to one another, like Order and Milestone or Course and Trainee. To be more organized, you would like to group them. You can group views into sections. A section shows all stored views as a drop-down menu. Sections are created at the place where views are created. Every new application starts with two pre-defined sections: desktop and settings. Under settings, you will find two pre-defined views as User and Role.

Take a look at the image below. You will see five views grouped into a section that is called Views.

Section overview

Views live in sections and sections live in the section overview. The section overview is the place which collects all sections. Take a look at the image above. You will see five views grouped into a section. This section is shown in the section overview, together with the sections settings and desktop.

How to create a new section

When you have the builder mode enabled (by using the UI builder button or E key on your keyboard), you will be able to create new or adjust existing views. In the settings of the main tab you can adjust the section. When you type a section name that doesn't exist yet, it automatically gets created. 

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