Before you follow this HowTo it is advised to take a look at HowTo create and customize Grids in the Back Office? 

After following this tutorial you will know how to create and customize Forms in the Back Office.

Creating a Form

In order to create a Form, you'll have to click the Back Office icon located in the Builder Bar. Select or create a Grid that you want to create a Form for.

Click New in the top left corner.
A form is automatically generated when you make a grid. However, when you update your model after you have created your grid you will have to manually add the components to your form.

Press "e" or click the switch button located in the top left corner.
In order to edit or add new components to your Form, you'll have to turn on the Builder Mode.

Click Add component.
Click on the Add component button in order to create a new component for your Form.

Choose one component to add.
The modal browser will pop up, in here you can choose the property that you want to connect to the component.

Exit the Builder Mode by pressing "e" or the switch located on the top left corner to save the changes you have made.

Customize a Form

If you have Builder Mode turned on, you can rearrange the components inside your Form. This can be done by dragging the components to the desired location.

In order to edit the components you can click on the gear icon next to the component, a popup edit form will show up giving you the possibility to edit the selected component. 

More about forms can be found here: Form Reference

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