After reading this article you will know:

  • Which different HTTP methods there are

  • What the HTTP methods are used for

  • When to pick which method

HTTP methods on Endpoints are used for handling requests between your web browser and the Betty Blocks web server. The chosen method on a singe web page either defines to retrieve data or create new data.

When creating a new endpoint an option for choosing your Request method is available. These methods determine how a webpage interacts with the web server. The following HTTP methods can be chosen for an Endpoint:

  • GET: The Get method is used for most Endpoints and will get data from the web server. This method will return a webpage in most cases.

  • DELETE: The DELETE method is used for deleting data via the Betty Blocks API.

  • HEAD: The HEAD methods functionality is similar to the GET method, except that the server returns a response line and headers, but no entity-body.

  • OPTIONS: The OPTIONS method is a documentation type of request method where you can request what request methods are supported by that Endpoint.

  • POST: The POST method can be used to post data to the web server. This method can be combined with actions to alter or delete data from the Back Office.

  • PUT: The PUT method is used for updating data via the Betty Blocks API.

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