After reading this article you will know:

  • What endpoints are

  • What templates are

  • What partials are


Endpoints contain all the information that is needed to interact wit a URL. An endpoint consists of a template and an action. A template can be used to define custom HTML segments, and actions can be used to process data. Furthermore, endpoints can also be used as a post or Webservice endpoint. On the endpoints, there is an option to enable authentication in order to make a page or action only available for authenticated users. More about endpoints for Webservices can be found here: Webservice Endpoint Reference


Depending on their type, templates can be used for all kinds of stuff. You can use templates to create all kinds of content, such as HTML, stylesheets, PDF's and javascript. More about templates can be found here: What are templates and HowTo create one?


Partials are pieces of HTML that can be included in a template using a single line of code. Partials can be used to include, for example, forms, sidebars. These partials can then be reused on different templates. You can add a partial by including it with the following code: 

{% include 'Partialname' %}

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