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Building your application
Introduction to 'Building your application'
Introduction to 'Building your application'

This section is dedicated to building and managing your applications within Betty Blocks.

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Welcome to the 'Building your application' section - your comprehensive guide to crafting and managing applications on Betty Blocks! Starting from this point, we will guide you through the different areas of the platform where you can learn all the tricks and tweaks.

Discover how to manage your applications and users through My Betty Blocks, our dynamic application-management environment. Learn about roles and permissions, using sandboxes, application settings, statuses, and more.

This sub-section is designed to provide you with all the information you need to create a customized front-end for your customers using our user-friendly page builder. Start by creating new pages, crafting layouts, and using multiple page components and interactions.

We'll guide you through the fundamentals of data modeling, including creating models, adding properties, establishing relations between models, and utilizing the visual interface for schema design.

The documentation also delves into advanced concepts such as settings models, relational data models, and various types of model relations. The section provides insights into best practices, standards, and remote data source integration to help users optimize their data modeling processes effectively.

This sub-section offers comprehensive guidance on creating logical workflows within your application using Betty Blocks' action builder. With various articles covering a range of topics, users can learn about the main characteristics, building processes, and functionalities of action steps. From understanding variables and expressions to creating scheduled actions and following best practices, the documentation offers a detailed overview.

Additionally, users can explore advanced topics such as triggering actions via API calls, testing actions with GraphQL, handling large data collections, and debugging actions effectively.

Block Store offers ultimate reusability and block-sharing features that you can discover through this collection. Get started by understanding the Block Store and its navigation, followed by insights into managing blocks, installing them, and leveraging reusability functionalities for faster development. Learn how to save, share, and manage blocks effectively, including creating and sharing theme blocks, page components, and data sources, etc.

A variety of tools are available on our platform: from performance monitoring to mailbox integration. Learn about using public files, managing logs, setting up configurations, and utilizing authentication profiles. Build multilingual applications with translations, customize colors and fonts using the Theme Builder, and configure general application settings like home pages and error pages to enhance user experience.

We offer a range of application and page templates available on the Betty Blocks platform. Explore various application templates with pre-configured pages like the Login flow template, Essential path review template, Dynamic questionnaire template, and Survey builder template.

Enhance your building process with page templates such as the Back office template, CRUD with slide-out panel template, Login form with image template, Profile details template, Header and footer template, etc. Each template is designed to streamline your development process and offer valuable functionalities for creating innovative applications.

Explore the Authorization section on the Betty Blocks platform with a collection of articles focusing on defining user access and actions. Learn about locating your Betty Blocks application ID (UUID) for specific APIs, setting up a reverse proxy for your application, and understanding web page authorization through authentication profiles and their configuration. Dive into the details of authentication profiles and their setup to ensure secure and controlled access for users or groups within your application.

Troubleshooting is dedicated to resolving issues related to your application's performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Learn about logging/debugging practices to enhance your application's functionality and get insights on reading stack trace errors and resolving them on your runtime page. Additionally, there is the Maintenance section covering specialized support services, backup policies, and security tests provided by Betty Blocks to ensure the smooth operation and security of your applications.

Discover the Enablement toolkit within Betty Blocks, offering setting up a range of advanced customizations: from setting your pro-code environment to creating custom components and sharing action functions via the CLI. These resources provide a comprehensive guide for pro-coders on the platform.

Learn how to use OAuth 2.0 to set up Google Single Sign-On for your application and delve into working with the Data API to understand and optimize data access and performance. Gain insights into setting up Data API queries, managing refresh tokens, understanding rate limits, and controlling access to protected information within your development application.

Join us in exploring the full potential of Betty Blocks and create some innovative and efficient applications. Good luck!

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