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List of release notes 2024.7
List of release notes 2024.7

April 4, 2024

Updated over a week ago

Over the last two weeks, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes here.

New features & improvements


  • Form input components have an <input> with a <label> html tags on compiled pages. When using screenreader software, it needs a specific link between both so it knows which label belongs to which input. To support this, we've giving the label a ‘for' attribute that refers to the 'id’ attribute of the input. This is most relevant when customers needs to be compliant with Web Accessibility standards.

My Betty Blocks

  • Applications can now be moved to different organizations via the company overview.

  • Permissions are added for managing specific organization and application settings.

    • Manage organization settings

    • Change application icon, background and name

    • Change application identifier

    • Move application into organization

    • Move application out of organization

    • Manage application hosts

    • Change invite user template


  • What is a business technologist? Explains the concept and role of a BT, allowing companies to portrait a clear vision for their fusion teams.

  • Importing data, teaches users how to import data via CSV/JSON, allowing them to work with vast amounts of data.

  • Articles providing in-depth explanation of components, enabling users maximise their usage.

    (These articles will be put live in batches, expect them soon)

    • Box component

    • Form & input components

    • Create, update & login component



  • Page variables. The sort order selector was broken. Selecting the dropdown did not open as expected. This is fixed now.

  • Page variables. The 'load more' button when using page variables in the entity browser was not working as expected. It did not load more items and there was no user feedback. This is fixed now. Loading more model properties than the first 50 take works as expected again.

  • Page variables. The search input field when using page variables in the entity browser was not working as expected. Searching when the page variable model properties had more than 50 properties did not search through all items. Which gave the unexpected result. This has fixed now.

  • Component options. The number component option type (e.g. Box height and border thickness) was not having any debounce handling anymore. As a result, on every key press the option value was directly processed. Which led to an unwanted user experience. The root cause of this bug was due to a package update in the Pages IDE. This is fixed now.


  • When you clicked the back button in the IDE, it let the user returned to the previous browser URL. This is fixed, the back button returns the user to the previous page.

My Betty Blocks

  • Internal Authentication is now successfully working in the front-end of the application, after creating a new application template or sandbox that is using it.

  • Fixed a case where reset password was not working successfully.


  • Removed all mentions of ‘next-gen’ from our documentation environment

Up next


  • Expected in the next two weeks:

    • Using page variables in the multi-rule display logic component option.

    • Using component-state in the multi-rule display logic component option.


  • Expected in the next two weeks:

    • Currently, we are working on supporting nesting in schema models. With it, you no long need to adjust your Swagger file to make use of nested schema models while connecting your data source and you are enabled to make use of the nested structure in Actions. The nesting will be visible on the schema model detail view in the data IDE.

My Betty Blocks

  • Expected in the next four weeks:

    • User Provisioning, ensures user accounts are created, given proper company and organization permissions and updated when logging in via SSO.


  • Research in-platform helpers, assisting users with information or tooltips while navigating the platform instead of having to venture out of the platform for information.

  • Working on more articles to provide guidance on using native page builder components and action steps.

Platform roadmap

Want to know more about the upcoming features and functionalities of the Betty Blocks platform? Visit the platform roadmap of our community where you can find most of the topics that we are currently working on and are planning to work on. Let us know your thoughts by upvoting the topics you believe are the most valuable!

That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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