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Post-live support and user communication
Introduction to post-go-live support and user communication
Introduction to post-go-live support and user communication

Explore helpful practices to proceed with after going live with your application.

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Welcome to the final section of our Going live! series, where we dive into the post-go-live practices and user communication. During the hypercare and maintenance phases of your application support, you have to take every opportunity to improve your software’s sustainability. But how to be sure your product is ultimately aligned with your end-user expectations and undergoes continuous improvement?

This article provides some best practices for maintaining your application’s health after its successful launch. From measuring adoption rates to gathering performance data and employing key performance indicators (KPIs), we’ll guide you through the tools and techniques that will keep your application up-to-date and user-friendly.

Building a strong and lasting relationship with your end-users is as important as measuring their involvement in your business. Here, we will explore such topics as effective ways of communication, crafting guides and documentation, gathering user feedback, and measuring user satisfaction.

The success of your application extends beyond its initial launch. Only by tracking your performance data, collecting user feedback, and continuous improvement can you expect real success and user satisfaction. By sharing some insights, we encourage you to follow your path for future enhancements. Happy building!

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