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Introduction to testing

A brief introduction to testing within the SDLC series of documents.

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Preparing your application for the launch is an exciting yet crucial step that demands careful attention to detail. Besides wrapping up the configurations, API connections, and transferring data to the production environment, you should be ready to give your future software product a thorough testing. That’s where this part of Going live! series comes in handy. Let’s break it down.

Usability testing strategies: functionality and user experience

This type of testing includes evaluating the application from the end-user perspective, focusing on functionality and performance. Take the opportunity to explore the concepts of end-to-end and user testing to refine your application: make it intuitive, efficient, and overall enjoyable to use. Besides the theoretical part, you will find some practical approaches and real-world use case scenarios.

The second article on testing your application provides practical guidance to ensure your product is ready to face some stability and security challenges. Discover how load testing can evaluate your application’s scalability, penetration testing can identify and address security vulnerabilities, and regression testing can guard against operational impact.

Additional testing articles

Although these two extra articles relate more to the building phase rather than going live, you never know when and where the issues can occur. Learn to track, diagnose, and fix potential problems with your application with logging and debugging articles:

Good luck on your way to a successful launch!

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