Application statuses & types

Betty Blocks recognizes a variety of application statuses and types, in this article we'll check out which ones there are.

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After reading this article you'll know:

  • What statuses and types a Betty Blocks application can have

  • What they do


Betty Blocks applications can be separated into X different types. These types of applications can have one or multiple statuses. This is the list of different types of applications with the status that they can have:

  • Default

    • Live

    • Development

  • Playground

    • Development

  • Training

    • Development

  • Inactive

  • Disabled


The default type knows 2 statuses, live and development, when your application has the default type with the status development we'll ask you for a date for when you plan to release your application.

Within an organization, you can have unlimited default applications. When a default application has the status development Private Data Mode (PDM) is turned on. When the status is live PDM is turned off, allowing external users to use the application. The default type combined with the live status is also the only combination in which PDM is disabled.


Per customer 5 playground applications can be present at a time, by default. A playground application will always have the status development.

The PDM option is on for playgrounds and training apps.


A training application is similar to that of the playground, it has the same rule set. The difference is however that there's no limit per se, but a training application is created via Betty Blocks per request.


Support and the Betty Blocks Product department are able to turn your application to “Inactive” if no activity has been monitored for a period of time.

You will get notified about this by email. The email will contain a request to do something with the application, when ignored the application will be set to inactive.


The disabled status is rather self-explanatory, this status means that your application has been disabled. You can

If your application has this status and you want it revoked make sure to reach out to our support.

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