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What apps can I build with Betty Blocks?
What apps can I build with Betty Blocks?

Discover the kinds of applications you can build on our platform with several use-case examples.

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Nowadays digital technologies walk hand-in-hand with us on daily basis, and the ways we use them have become so accessible that an average person is not only able to consume IT products but also create them. And that’s the time when no-code comes on stage. No-code could be viewed as a method that provides one with the ability to create a web application that matches their needs without writing code.

Approaching software development as working with graphic user interface, citizen developers can come up with ideas for various applications and Betty Blocks will provide them with a clear understanding of what and how they can fulfill their requests and build an application to match their needs. Here are some examples of use cases you can choose from:

  • Knowledge centers

  • Client portals

  • Document review applications

  • Legal services request tools

  • Case management systems

  • Customer relationship management tools

...and even more! Check out the app gallery to see other options available and request a demo. Below you can read some more about a few of the mentioned use cases.

Customer knowledge center

The development of a customer knowledge center allows your firm or department to create a customer-facing application that digitizes and centralizes your customer support. Create a self-serve application through which clients can independently, quickly, and constantly access your firm’s expertise without the help of a customer support representative.

In the application, users log in to a learning center complete with articles, guides, tutorials, webinars, whitepapers, and more. These can be browsed or filtered according to the topic (e.g. corporate law, intellectual property, tax laws) or searched according to region.

Client portal

Client portals are universal solutions for creating a secure space where clients can log in and access their personal information via accounts: invoices, requests, project files, resources, etc. Client portals are used by a wide range of companies to bridge the gap in knowledge and documentation that resides in the internal document management systems or resources.

Betty Blocks showcase a whole range of different services when it comes to creating client portals. We can solve the pain points of customers who are coming from HighQ. Another important function we can facilitate here is an iManage integration. If rules are set up to synchronize documentation that is client-specific and knowledge-driven this can help to clear out a lot of manual tasks.

Document review application

It’s no secret that when you deal with big numbers of documents, things get messy and complicated pretty fast. Various versions of the document are scattered across the organization and processing changes into one document is time- and labor-intensive.

With the document review application that’s all history. Both parties and their teams can work on the same cloud-based document simultaneously. No more sending documents back and forth. No need to worry about unauthorized collaborators seeing your comments. You can make comments simultaneously, in the same document, without someone else seeing those comments. An agreed-upon and signed document without a single email sent or an extra version created.

Through a digitized document review application, companies are empowered and optimized with a tool that streamlines, speeds up, and enhances the document revision process. Ensure that all documents are properly reviewed, revisions consistently made, comments resolved, and the right versions used through a self-serve solution which saves time across your organization.

Even though these are just simple examples of several use cases, hopefully, they give some understanding of how the ideas are implemented and how no-code changes the work approach and business itself for good. We are on the edge of something fresh and exciting, it’s you who decides if you are ready to give it a shot and join us in this exciting journey.

Do you want to know more about our use cases? Click here!

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