Production application checklist

Discover the configurations and tools you need to settle before going live with your application.

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Preparing your application for going live is an essential process as after you’ve been working on it for quite a long time, you have to make sure it’s launched correctly. The way you launch, maintain, and present your application makes a huge impact on the long-term success and profitability of your enterprise. This article provides a checklist of important steps you need to undertake in order to make your application run smoothly.

Application configurations

Any application requires some configurations before you can push it to your live environment. Think about configuring your SMTP domain or setting a favicon if you haven’t done it yet. All of these points are mentioned below.

Custom domain (optional)

If you’ve developed a fully customized front-end on top of your back-end application, you might want to show this custom UI through your own domain. Most of the points below are mentioned in this article.

  • Arrange custom domain

  • Request SSL certificate

  • Set up an SSL certificate on a custom domain

  • Betty Blocks needs to install SSL-certificate

  • Whitelist Data API


Making your application undergo some testing is a good habit before going live with it. We have some tests to check if the application has any vulnerabilities that could occur once you’ve pushed it live.

  • Perform stress test

  • Perform pentest

  • Double-check roles and permissions

  • Perform at least one end-to-end test on the production environment

  • User testing round


When you want to push your application to a live environment, it is wise to delete your test data and make sure that the live data is ready to be implemented.

  • Fill production database

  • Double-check production text

  • Double-check roles and permissions on your datamodel, and make sure users can only acces data they are allowed to see.


Make sure you schedule the releasing events due to the plan and within a certain time frame. Down there is a number of steps you are recommended to follow:

  • Plan go-live moment

  • Plan Last Mile Service by Betty Blocks

  • Inform the support team after the go-live moment

  • Inform end-users about going-live


This section includes some general suggestions like involving your end-users in communication to obtain valuable feedback.

  • Write a manual for end-users

  • Invite end-users

  • Perform an application review and implement the recommendations

  • Give end-users the possibility to share feedback

Keep in mind that even after accomplishing these points, you need to maintain and support your application as customer demands are evolving over time. Gather some useful feedback, think about adding new features in the future, and improve already existing ones. All in all, have your finger on the pulse of changing circumstances and you will succeed with your product, and if you have some questions, reach out to our community. Good luck on your way!

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