Creating an application

The segments of a user’s dashboard and the creation of an application are explained in this article.

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In this article, we will:

  • Take a look at the sections of the user’s dashboard

  • Create our first application on the platform

Dashboard navigation

When you open your user dashboard, it will look like this:

Application dashboard

Let’s take a closer look at some sections on this page. In the middle, you will see the ‘Start building’ segment (1) which provides some quick options for choosing templates. You can expand this and take a look at all templates Betty Blocks offer by pressing ‘View all templates’ (2).

The sidebar on the left has three options:

  • Organizations (3) - shows which organizations you own or are included in. It’s where you are able to invite, remove, or set roles (permissions) for associated users.

  • Applications (4) - here you will create new applications as well as manage existing ones. You can also invite others to your applications as a builder or admin from here

  • Block Store (5) - through the Block Store, you can save parts of applications to share and reuse the functionality anywhere you may need it

Clicking on the logo above will redirect you back to the dashboard.

Application sidebar

Creating an application

1) To create a new application from scratch, click on the ‘View all templates’ button on the right side of the dashboard. It will lead you to the application templates overview.

2) They find the ‘Start from scratch’ button in the top right corner and tap it or choose the needed application template among the default ones provided out of the box

3) In the pop-up window, choose the organization you belong to and come up with a name for your application. You can also edit the name of the identifier (it will be included in the name of your application’s URL).

Creating a new application

Naming conventions:

  • The symbols <, > and &, can not be used in your application name.

  • An application name should be less than 31 characters long.

You can get to creating your application in a bit different way:

1) Go to the applications overview on the sidebar on the left. It will show all your existing applications.

2) Click on the ‘Create application button in the top right corner.

Want to find out more about setting up your application using an application template? Visit the Application templates section in our documentation.

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