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Learn how to register a trial account, and what the capabilities and limitations of this account type are.

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What is a trial account?

Betty Blocks trial accounts provide nearly unlimited access to Betty Blocks and its development platform for an unlimited period of time.

What is required to register?

In order to register a trial account, you can follow the ‘Start free trial’ options from the Betty Blocks website. You will then be directed to the registration page with a number of required form fields including:

  • Your name

  • A business email address

  • A contact number

  • Your company size

  • Your estimated level of experience with no-code platforms

Before completing your registration, you must accept our general terms and conditions and privacy policy (both linked here).

After completing the form and clicking the ‘Register’ button below the form, you will receive a validation email from Betty Blocks’ system containing a link to the set password page. The minimum password requirements are shown below which must be adhered to to ensure your account is secure.

Once your password is configured and meets the criteria, click ‘Complete registration’ to finalize your account. You will then be immediately redirected to your My Betty Blocks Dashboard.

Account capabilities

Registering a trial account provides you with an organization of which you are assigned the role of admin (administrator). As an administrator, you have full control over the settings, invited members (users) along with their roles, and are able to create new applications attached to said organization.

With a trial account, you will receive:

  • Nearly unlimited access to My Betty Blocks

    • Including user management

    • The Block Store

    • And more

  • Full access to the Betty Blocks Development Platform (hereafter referred to as the IDE)

  • Members of the trial organization can create any number of applications

    • Build and develop using all the features of the IDE

    • Take advantage of page/application templates.


Trial accounts are not able to create new organizations or change the application status of any applications that have been created by members (or admins) of the trial organization.

This means applications created by trial accounts cannot be set live and therefore cannot be accessed by any external (public) users. You can find more information about the application status feature and how it functions here.

Use cases for your trial account

The trial is intended to provide developers, IT departments, and innovation teams with an experience that matches the application development experience of a customer account.

The intention is for users or companies to build without limitations to:

  • Build proof of concepts (PoCs)

  • Create demonstration apps

  • Test wireframes and ideation applications

  • Experiment with no-code

How to upgrade to a full account

If you already have a trial account, go to your My Betty Blocks Dashboard and click the ‘Promote to production’ button in the banner (shown below).

This will navigate you to the ‘Get in touch’ page where you can request one of our representatives to get in contact with you at the earliest convenience.

Alternatively, you can navigate to our pricing page and follow the ‘Get in contact’ button available here.

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