Working with the component tree
Use the component tree to navigate to specific elements on your page. You can also access the options menu or rename the component.
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You can display the components for a page when you click on the component tree tab from the page menu.

Open the component tree menu (A). The components are shown in the order in which they are nested for the selected page. The example page shown here contains, for example, a row in which a column is nested. Within the column, an Alert, a checkbox and a text component are nested.

Names have been applied to identify the columns in this component tree:

- Column1

- Column2 (B)

- Column3

Applying a name to a component from the component tree menu

You can open the menu ... (C) for the selected component and click the Rename (D) button. The name field for the component is displayed and you can apply the required name.

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