Logic component reference

Using the logic component, you can set conditions to control access to, for example, specific parts of an application or web page.

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This component is used to show content based on a specified condition. For example, to restrict visibility of parts of a web application to certain user groups based on roles, or to menu or buttons.

Note: Conditional components must be nested within a data component. For example, a data table.

You can set the conditional logic in the Options for the component. When the component is selected, the Options menu is displayed.

You can set the visibility for the component and the condition using Left and Right content based on a Translation Key or on inserted data from a model or a variable.

The condition can be based on a comparison (Compare) of the attributes set in the Left and Right option fields.

As shown in the following, conditions can be based on comparing whether the attributes are, for example, Equal or contain specified values.

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