Using Data components, you can present information from one or more models in table or list format.

You can drag and drop the various data components for presenting information from one or more models.

You can present information or a list and filter and combine information from your data sources.

Displaying data from models

You can use the various data buttons to create lists or tables based on data from one or more models in your data model. You can configure the details of the properties you want to present either during the dialog when creating the data element, or using the options tab.

Example configuration dialog

Options settings menu

Where a data component consists of one or more nested components, you can use the Component tree (A) tab to display details.

As shown in this example, the DataTable (B) component includes two data tab column components. When you hover over the row, the additional (...) menu is displayed.

Select the Options (C) menu item to open the options settings menu for the nested column component.

Setting permissions for a model

You need to ensure that the Read permission for a model is set to public where you want to display data defined in the user interface of your application.

You can access the permissions settings for a model from the Permissions tab in the Data model module.

See What are model permissions? for more details.

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