Navigation component reference

Build the navigation for your application. Pre-built components can be customized and extended as required.

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Navigation components

You can use the navigation components to build the navigation features for your web page. Once you have created a layout, for example a column or row, you can drag and drop the required navigation feature.

You can use the scroll bar or the Search key in the Components menu to locate a required navigation component.

You can drag and drop the various navigation components. Once the component is on the page, you can component specific options to customize the component for your requirements.

Navigation bar

Navigation bar component

Use the Navigation bar for applying a component with a logo, title and menu items to a page.


Menu component

Use the Menu component to apply a menu on a page.

Menu item

Menu item component

Use the Menu item component to add items to a Menu component.


Breadcrumbs component

Use the Breadcrumbs component to apply secondary navigation schemes that use breadcrumb items to reveal the users location within an application.

Breadcrumb items

Breadcrumb item component

Breadcrumb items components are part of the breadcrumb component. Each used to represent a page within your application.


Tabs component

Use the Tabs components to create windows with multiple tabs containing different containers. You can switch between windows using the tabs.


Tab component

The Tab components are part of the tabs component, each representing a tab within the container.


Stepper component

Use Stepper components to show progress in a predefined workflow. This component is often used in wizards or multi-page forms.


Step component

Step components are part of the stepper component, each representing a step.

Using the Options menu for the component, you can customize the individual component as required. For example, to set the background color or text color used with a component.

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