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Changing profile details in account settings
Changing profile details in account settings

Using the account settings, you can edit your profile details and apply an image for your account and also set up two-factor authentication.

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You can change your password and profile settings in the account settings. To open account settings, click on your profile (A) button and select Account settings (B) from the menu displayed. The account settings are opened in the My Betty Blocks dashboard and the profile tab (C) details are displayed in a new tab.

You can click on the Upload new picture to navigate and select a picture for your profile. You can replace an image or delete as required using the Upload new picture and Delete buttons.

You can also update your Name and Email address (F) details in the fields provided.

Click on the Save changes (G) button to save changes to your profile.

Changing your password or setting up two-factor authentication

You can also change the details for your password when you open the Password (A) tab as shown below. You can display the details for your current password (B) using the toggle visibility (C) button. Where you want to apply a new password, you need to ensure that your password is based on the recommended format (D) as shown.

You need to press the Confirm new password (E) button to ensure that any new password is applied.

You can also set up two-factor authentication for your device when you set the enable two-factor authentication to on. A new window is displayed with a QR code that you can use with your mobile device. Follow the steps required based on your device and requirements where you want to set up two-factor authentication for additional security.

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