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What are conventions within Betty Blocks?

Discover what convention is and why you should use them. You'll also find a bunch of links going into more detail.

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How do I name my properties the proper way? What is the best way to create a new page in the page builder? At Betty Blocks we don't want to leave room for interpretation, this is why we created developer standards and best practices.

After reading this article, you'll know:

  • Why it's a good habit to use conventions

  • Where you can find in-depth information about conventions

Why use conventions

Using conventions ensures that every developer is using the same design format, this can be applied to code, the actual design of your pages, and the data structure of an application. When each and everyone does their work in a unified way it is safe to assume that the onboarding for new people is easier. Think about it, you start working on project X which is designed in one way, and now that it is finished you have to work on project Y. But project Y is set up in a different way, meaning you have to start from scratch learning what the application is about before you can do anything meaningful.

If every project would use the same developer standards and best practices it'd mean that both projects would have the same fundamentals. Meaning they're similar in design which helps a lot while working on these projects. Removing inconsistencies during application development is a huge plus for everyone that has to work on a given application. Conventions allow you to create more consistency in the applications that you build.


Below are some links to fully written out developer standards & best practices, a lot of the conventions in these articles are overlapping, emphasizing how important they are.

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