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The Betty Blocks Export feature allows you to transfer the data of a model from your application. This can be used for data backups, but also for moving data to other applications along with the Import feature.

Exports are used to get the application data converted to a single file. This is done through the Grid view in the Back Office. Exports do not always convert the whole Grid to a data file. If a filter is active on the Grid the records that are not visible will not be used in the export.

Creating an export can be done by clicking on the export icon in the top header of the Grid view. By doing this a menu will slide down, in this menu all future saved export definitions will be shown. You can manually create a new export by clicking on the Compose export button.

The Compose an export definition modal is used for creating the export. This modal will pop up after clicking the Compose export button. With this modal, you can choose which properties of the model you want to have in the export file. Export files can be in 2 file types, these are excel and CSV. This is set to Excel by default but can be changed by clicking on the gear icon. The export can be executed by clicking on the Save button. If you want to save the export definition before executing you can click on the Save and export button.

Exports can also be included in Actions. This can be done by choosing the Export event in an action. A collection has to be passed to the event which will export the data of that collection based on a saved export definition. If you want to know more about how to use an Export and how to create an Export event you should check out this article: HowTo use the export function 

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