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The Betty Blocks Back Office is great for easily generating grids and forms for the models in your application. But for some objectives, you need a more versatile solutions. Web pages will give you the freedom you need, but are separate from the Back Office. Or are they?

Before you follow this HowTo tutorial it is advised to take a look at this article: What are views in the Back Office?

Besides Grids, we can also add Pages to our Backoffice. Below are step by steps plans to create and customize them.

Creating Pages

  1. Go to the Back Office by clicking on the Back Office icon in the Builder Bar.

  2. Press E or toggle Builder Mode in the top left corner.

  3. Click the Add page button located on the Sidebar.

  4. The Add page modal will pop up. Within the modal, enter a name for the page in the name field.

  5. Choose in which section the page is shown, determine which users are allowed to view it by setting the roles and choose a fitting icon.

  6. Press the Save button to create the Page.

Customizing Pages

With Builder Mode turned on, you can change the content of the page. This can be done by using the standard text editor, like formatting text to titles, bold, italic or code, inserting images and generating tables. This option is often used for writing manuals and other static documents.

We can also add a URL to the page settings, so we can render this webpage in an iframe in the Back Office. More about iframes in the Back Office can be found here: HowTo make an iframe in the Back Office

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