In this article we'll show you what can be found when opening the Block Store and how to navigate through it.

After reading this article, you'll know:

  • Which overviews the Block Store offers.

  • What types of Blocks can be found in the Block Store.

Web Services

Let's start off with the default overview when opening the Block Store (market stall icon in the Builder Bar). 

When opening the Block Store, you are redirected to a My Betty Blocks page. This is the central hub for Blocks to install to an application of your choice. The default view is Public Blocks. It shows all Blocks which are publicly available to all builders.

In the top right corner there's a search bar. This will look through the names of all the Blocks available. Try it out and see if the Block you need pops up! 

In the top left corner a dropdown menu can be clicked. This menu holds several filters to show Blocks. The filters are:

  • Public: All Blocks officially tested and released by Betty Blocks are listed here.

  • My Blocks: All Blocks you created and released are listed here, separated by released versions and development version.

  • Organizations: Below the first two options, all organizations you have access to are listed, each one showing their Blocks.

Components, Prefabs, Actions

Besides Web Services, it's also possible to publish Components, Prefabs and Actions for the UI Builder in the Block Store. This navigates to the old 'in-app' Block Store. As Page Builder development progresses, additional Block Store functionality will be made available through My Betty Blocks in due time. 

This means UI Builder Blocks will be deprecated eventually. 

We do not offer Public Blocks in these categories, but you can create and share Blocks, which will be shown here.

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