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What kind of security tests does Betty Blocks allow?
What kind of security tests does Betty Blocks allow?

Here you can find everything about penetration tests, hack tests, and code reviews on apps and the platform.

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You can look at the security and safety of your application from two different angles. Customers and/or partners can do security tests on their applications, but sometimes there is also the need to test our development platform. This article explains the difference between those tests and names the tests that can be done and how they could be done.

Security tests on the Betty Blocks-platform

Since our platform is completely cloud-hosted and multi-tenant, all tests and checks done on our platform are beneficial for every app that was ever built (and will be built). Betty Blocks works together with multiple independent security auditors to perform regular code reviews and penetration tests. Betty Blocks does not allow other parties to perform these kinds of code reviews, since this codebase is all we got and we rather keep it to ourselves.. :-)

A summary of the most recent code review is available per request, start a chat conversation with our support department.

Security tests on your applications

Different tests can be done on your applications:

Code review

Customers can contact any auditor to review the front-end code of their application, you can't review back-end code since Betty Blocks doesn't generate code and is always based on meta-data. It is possible to have a security professional assess the quality of your application through a review of the application using the Betty Blocks platform.

Penetration test

Customers can contract a security auditor to perform a penetration test on their applications. Please make a request with our support department when planning a penetration test. Note: It's not allowed to perform a penetration test before we have given our explicit consent. We'd like to know when to expect extra - somewhat malicious-looking - traffic on the application, this is needed to not let our monitoring tools go crazy.

Betty Blocks Security Review

In case you are not sure how to proceed regarding your Betty Blocks application and its security, please reach out to us! We are happy to get you in contact with someone who will be able to help you out!

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