After you have seen the video above and read this HowTo tutorial you will know at which place properties are created and how to create them.

Properties are pieces of information describing a model. Think of them like drawers in a cupboard, where each drawer contains its own information. The more properties your model has, the more information it can store. For example, an Employee model has properties that hold the employee’s name, age, gender, etc.

  1. Go to the Data Model by clicking on the Data Model icon in the Builder Bar.

  2. Click on a model you’d like to add new properties to or, create a new model for your properties.

  3. Within the model settings, go to the Properties subview on the right.

  4. Notice that each model automatically starts with 3 predefined properties, these properties are Created at, Updated at, and Id. The 2 Date time items are used for time-stamping and id is the identifier for every single record.

  5. Click on the New button to create a new property.

  6. Select the property type. This will change what type of content the property will be able to hold and changes up the form.

  7. Name the property. The Label value will automatically be the same as Name, the Label value can be changed without changing Name. The difference between these two is that Name is inserted into the database of your app and Label is only used for your interfaces as columns or form components.

  8. If you are done with creating the property you can click on the Save button to save it.

If you want to know more about each property type and their forms then you should check out this article: Property Reference

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