What is the builder bar?

Access and switch between the various sections of the platform via the builder bar.

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What is the builder bar?

The builder bar provides access to the various modules and tools you need for building your application. You can use the icons available from the dashboard (the main landing page) for accessing various areas such as the module for building the data model for your application.

When you hover over the various buttons, its name is displayed as shown here for the dashboard icon.

The builder bar continues to be displayed regardless of which module you open. You can switch between modules as you build your application. With the Betty Blocks builder bar, you can access the full range of tooling you need from design to data management for your live application.

You can harness additional tooling and access the block store as you build the functionality you require in your application.

Each of the buttons that you can access via the builder bar is explained briefly below. Additional information on how you work with each of the various modules is explained in more detail in individual articles.

All components explained

Besides the modules explained above, there are a few other important components in the builder bar, each pointing towards its own section of the platform.
Let's get into each component of the builder bar, one component at a time.

You can use the play button to preview your application. As you build pages, you can preview the design to ensure that the structure and organization reflect your requirements.

The dashboard is the main landing page for the Betty Blocks platform. You can access tutorials and documentation from the dashboard.

Using the pages module, you can build individual pages for your application.

Within the data model section, you can create and manage your models for storing data in your application.

Using the actions, you can build the workflows for your application. For example, build automated email responses such as order confirmations.

The block store provides access to the catalog of predefined "blocks" that you can incorporate within your application.

Additional tools that you can use to, for example, add translation capabilities to your application are available via the tools module.

Using the account button, you can manage your account settings. You can also access the My Betty Blocks dashboard for managing application settings such as mail configuration.

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