How did we come up with the name?

Contrary to popular belief (emails and phone calls to Ms. Blocks to support this) we do not have a founder or colleague named Betty Blocks. It’s high time to clear up these misunderstandings and tell the story behind Betty Blocks.

The idea for the application development platform

Betty Blocks is the name for the application development platform founded by Tim & Chris Obdam. Brothers, born and raised in the village of Obdam. We’ll get to the name later, first, let’s see how the idea for the platform came up. Tim & Chris are both (internet)entrepreneurs by nature. Chris as the programmer and Tim in charge of operations.

Because of the division of roles, Tim often needed Chris if adjustments on the application or website needed to be made. It was because of this that it occurred to Tim that if he could do this himself, it would be so much easier, faster and efficient. Application development possible for everyone; the idea for the platform was born.

From FancyAdmin to…

We are currently at Betty 5, near Betty 6, and due to its success, the platform has undergone major developments in a very short period. In both functionalities and user experience. The first version was internally called FancyAdmin and instantly distinguished itself on the market because it was 100% online. This means you always have the latest version, from development to production (DTAP street) is alway rapid, there’s no software installation necessary and you always and everywhere have access to your data.


FancyAdmin is not a name for a unique platform to distinguish itself further on the market. Tim & Chris like to do business just slightly different than other people, and this had to show in the name. Software development possible for everyone forms the basis of the platform. So no technical terms that create a distance but a person just like you and us. But what will be the name then? From this point of view, the question was asked to the platform users and the name they came up with fully contained the Dutch culture. It was... Betsy!

Betty Blocks

Betsy turned into Betty to avoid confusion with the local agricultural industry. From this point on the full name was quickly established. The second part of the name contains a part of the proposition - visual modeling with pre-programmed ‘blocks’. Betty Blocks was born.

Like many Dutch people, Tim & Chris are down to earth and blessed with a healthy dose of ‘wanting to do things our way’. Instead of silently following the mainstream, they wanted to create an identity for themselves and to challenge the status-quo in IT land. Betty Blocks is a fast growing organization where people are truly passionate about and firmly believe in the product. We are an organization where (literally) family values are held high.

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