After reading this article you will know:

  • The meaning of a callback action
  • How to setup a callback action

What are callback actions

You can choose to trigger an action, after another action is finished, by using callback. This allows you to execute an action whenever all background jobs of another action are done. This does not include background jobs of other triggered actions by the original action. This is mostly used for processing imported records from an import event. (Read more about that here)

Using callback

You can check Enable callback action to open the callback settings. You will find the options:

  • Action
    Select the action you want to execute as callback.
  • Assign
    Assign the variables the selected action uses.
  • Execute this action in foreground
    Set the callback action to run in the foreground if it is currently set to background.


Be careful for:

  • Using callback on batch actions. A batch action is not seen as a single action, this will trigger the callback for each record.
  • Using callback on itself, which could lead to an infinite loop.
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