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  • How to use imported records in another action

You might want to save more information about the current import, for example save the user that imported the data, you'll need to assign this data to all records that just got imported. 

Import event callback

You can start a callback action after an import event using the imported records. Enable the callback action on your import event, then select Process imported records. This will assign the collection of imported records to the actions record(s) variable. It will act like a batch action.

You'll be able to create a new action or select an existing action as callback action. Imported records will be automatically matched to record if Process imported records is checked. You can only choose actions that are built on the same model as the imported records.

This callback action will trigger when the last record is imported in the import event. It will then use all records from the import to start a batch action. More about callback actions can be read here.

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